About Anna

I’ve written professionally for the last decade, publishing personal essays, book reviews, articles, and a long memoir excerpt Love Junkie: Getting High for Daddy. I’m currently working on a screenplay and a memoir No One Will Love You Like I Do.

Lately, I’ve been focussed on health and fitness articles. Here is a fascinating story I did for Berkeley Wellness on the use of psychedelics for the treatment of depression and PTSD.


I also help others make their work better. From essay and book editing to content development and healthcare communications.

I went to Medical School and later earned an MFA in writing.

I can help you breakthrough with your story–whether it be science, literature or an e-commece website–creating the story that will most impact your intended audience. From page turning prose, to medical studies, to catchy web content.

You can reach me at: anna.marrian@gmail.com

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