About Anna

I’ve written professionally for the last decade, publishing personal essays, book reviews, articles, and a long memoir excerpt. Here is a fascinating story I wrote for Berkeley Wellness on the clinical research of psychedelics for the treatment of depression and PTSD, and another story on the imminent approval of MDMA for the treatment of PTSD, and research on psilocybin’s brain reset mechanism on depression.


Recently, I’ve been assisting producers on pitches for their shows: Netflix for No More tears, a drama about sex trafficking, based on true stories; and an anthology series based on NY stories.

In the past, I’ve also helped others make their work better. From essay and book editing to wellness articles, content development and healthcare communications. Thrilled to have helped Ryan Berg with the beginning and some of the structure for his essay series, while he did all the research exclusively. Check out his book–Amazing!

I went to Medical School and later earned an MFA in writing; I love combining them both, and can help you breakthrough with the story that will most impact your intended audience.

You can reach me at: anna.marrian@gmail.com

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